North Studio Equipment
  • Basil Guillotine (Tower)
  • Basil Contour Mats and Swedish Bars
  • STOTT Reformer with Tower Conversion
  • STOTT Stability Chair
  • STOTT Barrel
  • STOTT Cadillac Trapeze Table
Center Studio Equipment
  • Basil Reformers (89”) with Tower conversions
  • Arcus Bars
  • Balanced Body Spring Circles (all resistances), Standing Platforms, Jumping boards and full compliment of accessories.
South Studio Equipment
  • Basil High Rigid Mat Tower Systems
  • Basil Wunda Chairs
  • Basil High Ladder Barrel
  • Basil High Chair
  • Basil Arm (baby) Chair
  • Basil Electric Chair
  • Deborah Lessen Trapeze Table
  • Deborah Lessen Ladder Barrel
  • Deborah Lessen High Back Chair
  • Pedipoles
  • Spine correctors, stability balls and other various accessories
Need a place to train your clients?

Pilates instructors who are certified and fully insured can rent out space to teach privates and duets at The Pilates Garage. TPG is a state-of-the-art facility featuring equipment from a variety of manufacturers (Basil, STOTT and Deborah Lessen). We offer 3 separate studios with over 2,500 square feet of workout space. Spacious dressing rooms with showers are also available. Click the plus signs above to see the equipment in each studio.