Drew T

Drew Thompson is the “Nuts and Bolts” ninja here at The Pilates Garage. A former accountant turned Pilates junkie. He has extensive experience both in the business world and the health and wellness industry. Having found Pilates back in 2013 working as a personal trainer, he quickly saw the benefits of how Pilates can fill in the gaps of not only his personal gym workouts but also his clients. He is passionate about helping the aging athlete incorporate Pilates in their workouts and favorite activities to keep them moving and feeling better. When he isn’t glued to the computer doing corporate mucky muck stuff, you can find him designing and preparing his annual summer firework shows, learning how to juggle and is an enthusiastic Colorado Buffalo football and Gonzaga basketball fan. Drew is Mat 1 certified through Balanced Body and is currently in the process of completing OneBody Studio and Pure Body Comprehensive Teacher Training programs.