Drew C

In 2012, Pilates found me. Before Pilates, my favorite activity had always been cycling. You name it: mountain, road, fixie — if it had two wheels I was interested in it. Cycling has been my passion since I was a teenager, but years of repetitive motion and a one-dimensional approach to exercise left me with a very tight cyclist’s posture. I had tight hamstrings, over-developed quads, a tucked pelvis and the flexibility range of a brick. Add that to a weak stomach and hunched shoulders that came from working all day at a desk, and I could have posed as a poster boy as the perfect candidate for Pilates. As I learned the movement, the exercise strengthened my core, my powerhouse, and my back started to get some relief. On a higher level, Pilates unwound me and helped me relax. With a decompressed spine, I started to feel flexible. My range of motion increased and I had a spring back in my step!