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We offer a one-time $40 Welcome Assessment that allows you to experience our studio and familiarize yourself with the Pilates equipment. Our professional, experienced staff will guide you through the next steps based on individualized goals.

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2018 PMA Conference

Come find us at the Deborah Lessen Pilates exhibit as we roll out her new High Chair at the 2018 PMA Conference in Las Vegas, NV, October 24-27, 2018.

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The Pilates Garage … a playground for fitness enthusiasts.


Pilates is your “Return to Life”.

The Pilates Garage is a 3,600 square foot, fully equipped, state-of-the-art facility featuring three distinct studios encompassing 2,500 square feet of workout space with welcoming highly qualified instructors. Rooted in classical Pilates, we embrace variations of the Pilates Method.

Learn the method with respect to YOUR body. It can truly become the foundation for every physical endeavor from high performance sports to everyday movement.

Pilates is for your body. Pull into The Pilates Garage to work your body.

What can Pilates do for you?

You might have heard that Pilates can increase strength and flexibility, improve posture and prevent injuries related to muscular imbalances. All of these are true, but where people often see the most benefit from Pilates is in their favorite activities.

Golfers find they add precision and power to their golf swing. Cyclists who find themselves in repetitive movements strengthen underdeveloped muscles and increase muscle elasticity. Skiers feel more stable and grounded.

Come check out how Pilates can benefit you, regardless of the activity.